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MedChem Partners is a unique medicinal chemistry service provider located in the metro Boston area, offering comprehensive medicinal chemistry support to biotech, pharmaceutical companies and universities engaged in drug discovery and research. Our expertise in diverse therapeutic areas and chemotypes covers all aspects of medicinal chemistry, from strategic planning to hit evaluation and validation to lead optimization and pre-clinical development. We can provide assistance from initial project evaluation and resource allocation, through compound selection and testing, to lead optimization, and into pre-clinical development. At MedChem Partners, our scientists are familiar with the fast-paced environment, short time frames and unique challenges encountered in research and drug discovery. We can help our customers initiate and accelerate their research and drug discovery programs and tailor our services to their unique expectations and needs.

Our Philosophy MedChem Partners was formed by a group of medicinal chemists with extensive experience in the drug discovery and development industry. Many of our staff have worked at start-up companies from the earliest stages, and have seen first hand almost every aspect of drug discovery and development. We have worked at small resource-limited companies and understand the tight timelines and unique challenges associated with them. Above all, we are medicinal chemists who love the challenge of drug discovery. We enjoy working together to help you address and overcome the challenges unique to your project. We can provide medicinal chemistry problem-solving and assistance at any stage of your project, from the initial proposal through pre-clinical development and into IND preparation. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to deliver high quality support and/or material on time and within budget. At MedChem Partners, we are committed to forming solid relationships with our clients with the goal of becoming an integral part of your research and development team.