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Instruments and Equipment

We have the following equipment available 24/7 in an open access environment. In addition we maintain all the instrumentation under service contracts so equipment is always properly maintained and calibrated. Consumables and reagents required for the instruments are also included,

  • Flash chromatography purification systems: Biotage SP1 and SP4
  • LC/MS: Waters HP1100/micromass LCZ spectrometer
  • Virtrus Lyophilizer
  • Melting point apparatus
  • High pressure hydrogenation apparatus
  • +4° C refrigerators
  • -20° C and -80° C freezer
  • Heated shakers
  • Overhead mechanical stirrer
  • Pipettors, including multi-channel pipettors
  • Balances ranging from 2Kg to 0.1 mg
  • Genevac Rocket evaporator
  • Rotovaps, vacuum pumps, manifolds, stirrers/hotplates
  • Assorted glassware and lab supplies