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Space and equipment is not all we have to offer. MedChem Partners has operated a successful CRO business for more than 6 years and continues to do so. We have extensive chemical expertise, FTE chemists and a network of contacts offering all the services needed to make your project a success. Come on board and tap into the power of our network.
  • 24/7 Access to facility
  • Chemistry fume hood and benches
  • Access to instruments
  • Common solvents and consumables stocked onsite
  • Waste disposal
  • WiFi and computers
  • Desks in a separate office area
  • Office supplies stocked on site
  • High speed and color printers, scanner
  • Conference room with projector
  • Ordering system and vendor accounts
  • Shipping through Fed Ex
  • Glassware and lab equipment
  • House nitrogen