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Strategic Planning

At MedChem Partners, we have hands-on experience in designing discovery programs from the ground up. From planning and initial library selection to establishing screening criteria and SAR, to fine tuning ADME and physico-chemical properties, we can help.

R&D Consultation
MedChem Partners provides strategic R&D Consultation in the following areas:
  • Project viability, planning and management
  • Strategic consulting
  • Establishment of screening strategies
  • Library selection
  • Structure guided drug design
  • Hit validation and evaluation
  • Risk and viability assessment
  • Managing off shore chemistry resources

At MedChem Partners, our scientists have seen first-hand the potential pitfalls and road blocks that can occur in the drug development process. We are familiar with issues such as lack of bioavailability, poor solubility and inappropriate CYP450 profiles and have experience addressing them. Development issues are some of the most challenging that occur in drug R&D. We can help you overcome these challenges by establishing proper screening regimes in e-ADME and PK, working with formulations experts and enhancing ADME or physico chemical properties via chemical modification.

Patent & Chemical Space
We understand that the road to drug discovery is long and difficult. Often the first step is in the drafting of a grant or proposal. MedChem Partners can help by providing professional medicinal chemistry consultation on the drafting of these documents. We have written SBIR grants and proposals and can assist with the preparation of your grants or proposals. Whether it’s just a few questions, or a complete draft you need, we can work with your scientists or managers to put their ideas and inventions in a format that will facilitate the patenting process.