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Program Initiation & Due Diligence 

We provide access to medicinal chemistry resources and experience to pharmaceutical, biotech and venture companies in the early stages of program development. We have assisted many clients in fund raising by preparing medicinal chemistry development plans which outline critical program milestones and decision points such as: hit criteria, primary and secondary screening assays, and relevant animal efficacy models as well as helping clients identify resources which are needed to accomplish these tasks. Our reports and advice also provide overviews of the relevant therapeutic areas and the associated patent landscape, key compounds in discovery and development and strategies for hit generation and lead progression.
Clients use these reports when presenting their projects to potential funding and partnering groups. In addition, venture group clients find these reports helpful when performing due diligence on potential new investment opportunities. Areas we often address include:

  • Review of therapeutic areas and evaluation of key players
  • Identification of key compounds in discovery and development
  • Identification of initial hits (from HTS or literature)
  • Design of strategies for hit explosion and lead optimization
  • Identification of primary and secondary screening assays
  • Identification of relevant animal efficacy models
  • Identification of milestones and decision points.