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June 3, 2013
MedChem Partners to sponsor for MassChallenge
Lexington, MA, June 3, 2013– MedChem Partners was named as an in-kind sponsor for MassChallenge 2013. MassChallenge connects entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch and succeed immediately. It is the largest-ever startup accelerator, and the first to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached. “We are extremely pleased to be part of this fantastic organization. The support that exists for entrepreneurship and innovation here in Boston is one of the key drivers of the biotech industry here – it’s what makes Boston special and we are thrilled to be a part of it” says CEO Steven Riesinger. MedChem Partners will provide MassChallenge finalists mentorship and advice, and, as an in-kind sponsor will provide free or discounted consultation, lab space and drug discovery services.

May 20, 2013
MedChem Partners Co-founders Tsvetelina Lazarova and Steven Riesinger to help the Mass Bio’s new forums
Lexington, MA, May 20, 2013– Mass Bio has tapped the founders of MedChem Partners to help lead their forums. Steven Riesinger will be one of three co-Chairs of the drug discovery forum. The drug discovery forum is one of 9 new forums tasked with developing new content as well as shaping and executing programs at Mass Bio. Tsvetelina Lazarova was selected to become a Forum Advisory Board member where she and 17 other members will oversee all 9 of the forums and provide guidance and support while promoting interdisciplinary programming. See more at;

December 10, 2012
MedChem Partners Announces the Opening of its Start-up Accelerator
Lexington, MA, Dec. 12, 2012– MedChem Partners established a new initiative today called Quick Start. Quick Start is a start-up accelerator which provides a turnkey laboratory solution for small companies and start-ups in need of chemistry space for short and medium term projects. Unlike most incubators, which are simply a small space with a short term lease, MedChem Partners Start-up Accelerator is a full service space designed to help launch a company. All equipment, common solvents, disposables and permitting are already in place…Accelerator members can move in and begin working immediately. In addition, MedChem Partners has built up a significant amount of expertise, experience and contacts in the drug discovery and chemistry R&D. Members of the Accelerator have free access to all MedChem Partners’ contacts and resources to help assemble a virtual team to drive the startup’s project to success.
Available resources Include:
24/7 access to facility
Hood, bench, and desk space
Access to instruments (removal, LC/MS, biotope, freezers lyophilize, etc...)
Use of MedChem Partners chemicals, solvents and consumables
Use of waste disposal services
Use of any MedChem Partners equipment
Use of wifi and computer network
Use of office supplies
Use of printers and scanners
Use of conference room
Use of MedChem Partners ordering system for supplies

November 22, 2012
MedChem Partners Visits University of Sofia and Sofia Tech Park in Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov. 19, 2012– MedChem Partners announced today that it has been invited to visit The University of Sofia and Sofia Tech Park both in Sofia, Bulgaria to discuss the development of a biotech cluster there. Sofia University is the premiere science and technology university in Bulgaria and is seeking advice on the how best to use funding from the European Union for creation of a translation research center as well as development of its facilities and technology. Sofia Tech Park is Bulgaria’s first hi-tech R&D business park. This BGN 100 M facility will be fully completed in 2015 and will house high-tech and biotech companies. MedChem Partners has been in talks with both facilities to help grow the biotech presence in Bulgaria and take advantage of technology coming out of Bulgaria’s university system. In addition, MedChem Partners, University of Bulgaria, and Sofia Tech Park are working to expand the entrepreneurial environment in Bulgaria to try and capture the value of intellectual property being generated and turn that into commercially viable start-up companies. Key points of discussion included; establishing a start-up culture and feeding the entrepreneurial spirit which exists in Bulgaria.

September 12, 2012
MedChem Partners Announces It Has Expanded to China
Shanghai, China, Sept. 12, 2012– MedChem Partners announced today that it has signed an agreement with a partner in Shanghai China to provide access to a dedicated team of chemists in China. This team of scientists is retained to work exclusively on MedChem Partners projects and will help increase MedChem Partners efficiency and cost competitiveness. This new initiative will take the form of a hybrid model where the majority of the routine work is performed in China, but more involved or critical work is done in the US and seamlessly integrated with the work in China. This approach gives the best of both worlds: cost competitiveness of China with the quality control of the US and the ability to troubleshoot locally to solve problems rapidly. We anticipate that some projects will be too complicated or IP sensitive to send to China; those projects will be performed in our Lexington MA facility. Other projects may need to have significant oversight, but portions can be off-shored, and some projects may be able to be sent almost completely off-shore. The new hybrid chemistry model gives MedChem Partners the flexibility to adjust to the project needs rapidly to accommodate for cost, IP sensitivity, timing, or complexity.

August 19, 2012
MedChem Partners Presents Poster at the 244th National meeting of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia, PA
Lexington, MA, Aug. 19, 2012– MedChem Partners LLC presented a poster tiled “Novel Rapamycin Analogs via Metathesis” at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia, PA today. The meeting is the largest meeting of chemists in the world and attracted 13,313attendees. MedChem Partners has developed a novel metathesis contraction reaction that allows for the single step transformation of rapamycin to a new scaffold. In the process of validating the synthetic methodology, several novel rapamycin analogs were generated and their FKBP12 binding and half-life profiled.  The research goal of retaining biological activity of the parent rapamycin, while demonstrating a shorter half-life than the parent compound was accomplished. The structure of the new rapamycin analogs was confirmed by high field 2D NMR experiments.

December 8, 2009
National Science Foundation awards MedChem Partners grant to develop novel chemistry for modification of natural products

Medford, MA, Dec. 8, 2009– MedChem Partners LLC announced today the successful acquisition of funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support the development of a broad based chemical technology for the modification of natural products. This phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant will be used to further the development of a novel single step chemical transformation that can be used to modify the structure of natural products economically and efficiently.

Natural products have long been a rich source of therapeutics and leads for the discovery of new drugs. Unfortunately, the complexity which makes these compounds attractive as potential drug candidates also makes their synthesis and derivatization quite challenging. Recently a variety of modern techniques have been described which allow the generation of semi-synthetic analogs under mild, selective conditions. MedChem Partners is developing several of these techniques for the direct modification of certain natural products. This technology allows for direct, one-pot modification of natural products and direct access to analogs, without the lengthy and expensive task of synthesizing the natural product from scratch. It will also alleviate the need for tedious protection/deprotection schemes as the current chemistry can function on unprotected natural products.

In addition MedChem Partners’ approach will allow for the direct modification of the core, or backbone, of the natural product. This chemistry will enable a generation of completely new and novel core structures which cannot currently be obtained by any other means. The end result is that new and novel molecules will become available which are patentable and which possess novel biological activity. This is a broad based chemical technology which can be applied across multiple therapeutic areas, and has the potential to speed up the discovery and production of novel biologically active compounds to serve as leads in the drug discovery pipeline.

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