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Our Facilities

MedChem Partners has a laboratory in Lexington, MA just outside Boston where we perform state of the art medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis and scale-up. Our labs are fully outfitted with modern glassware and equipment including the latest Biotage FLASH chromatography system and an Agilient/Micromass LC/MS. We have the capability to perform virtually any chemistry needed to prepare or modify small molecule therapeutics of many classes. We can work on scales from milligrams up to half kilo scale.

In addition to our internal resources, we have access to world class NMR and LC/MS facilities at Harvard, Northeastern, and MIT. We also have Scifinder, Discoverygate, ACD, and online access to many important scientific journals.

Facilities in China
MedChem Partners has a facility in Shanghai China that can accommodate 20+ medicinal chemists. The facility is newly renovated and fully outfitted with modern equipment and glassware including: 400 MHz NMR, HPLC and LC/MS, microwave reactors, automated flash chromatography systems and more.

Quick Start Accelerator
MedChem Partners has opened a quick start accelerator at its Lexington, MA site. This facility is available for short or longer term use and is fully stocked with equipment, supplies and consumables. MedChem Partners also provides infrastructure support to incubator clients, such as purchasing, administration, shipping and logistics, thus making the incubator a truly turnkey facility.