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At MedChem Partners, we are experts in organic and medicinal chemistry. We provide a variety of chemistry resources to help advance your drug discovery program.
Our staff has many years of experience in the drug discovery and development area. We can help in the earliest planning stages to put your project on a solid foundation. Whether it’s assessing project or route viability, identifying potential risks and pitfalls or locating key resources, we can help.

Many of our scientists have managed projects from inception, through strategic planning and early discovery, and into pre-clinical development. Our scientists are familiar with potential pitfalls such as IP, PK/Tox, route viability, sourcing for starting materials, and cost-of-goods. We can help mitigate some of the risk associated with these issues by identifying them early on and developing a route around them, or a strategy to deal with them.

At MedChem Partners, we have hands-on experience in designing discovery programs from the ground up. From planning and initial library selection to establishing screening criteria and SAR, to fine tuning ADME and physico-chemical properties, we can help.