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About MedChem Partners

MedChem Partners was formed by a group of medicinal chemists with extensive experience in drug discovery and development with the goal of accelerating the pace of drug discovery by providing fast and flexible services that cover the spectrum of medicinal chemistry

We maintain a state of the art chemistry lab in Lexington MA and also in Shanghai China ,so we have flexibility to do chemistry where the chemistry dictates. We provide early discovery services such as solubility and pre- formulation, so we can provide information on compounds and give them the best chance of success in in vitro and in vivo testing. We provide logistics and storage support, so virtual companies can function efficiently. Lastly, we provide turnkey lab incubation space, so early stage entrepreneurs and start-ups can focus on proof-of-concept studies without having to invest time and money in establishing a lab and infrastructure.

The lab incubation services are geared toward providing the right services at the right time. Thus, start-ups need only pay for infrastructure while they use it and not have to worry about carrying overhead when they don’t.

The MedChem Advantage

MedChem Partners is a unique medicinal chemistry provider. We are entrepreneurs and scientists at heart and so we look at medicinal chemistry a little differently than most companies. We don’t have minimum requirements or lengthy procedures for project initiation. Our goal is to provide services as if we were your internal chemistry department. We are comfortable with high risk projects and rapidly changing priorities and provide rapid turnaround on most projects. We can start and stop chemistry rapidly to match the work flow of your company to help you conserve capital and resources.

Drug discovery and development is a highly interdisciplinary undertaking which draws on the expertise of many different areas. MedChem Partners realizes this fact and also knows that no one can be an expert in all these areas. As a result we have formed collaborations with many other experts in the drug discovery and development arena to enhance our services. We have relationships with experts in the area of computational chemistry and crystallography, in vitro and e-ADME testing, in vivo and PK screening, IP and project management, and preclinical toxicology to name a few. Furthermore, if we do not possess the expertise in house we can identify an external resource and help manage them as an outsource partner.

At MedChem Partners we strive to provide service which parallels internal resources in terms of quality, speed and responsiveness. We are committed to our clients and their projects for both the short term as well as the long term.

MedChem Partners

  • 0-3 weeks lead time
  • No minimum FTE requirements
  • Very flexible work plans
  • No advance notice needed to change or stop a project
  • Clients always talk to bench scientist
  • Willing to peruse a wide variety of projects
  • Access to Scifinder, ACD and journals on-line

Typical CRO

  • 3-5 weeks lead time
  • Minimum FTE requirements
  • Rigid work plans
  • Advance notice needed to change or stop a project
  • Difficult to talk to bench scientist
  • Normally not receptive to small or exploratory projects
  • Limited on-line journal access, no Scifinder